The GPI data pipeline allows users to reduce and calibrate raw GPI data into spectral and polarimetric datacubes, and apply various PSF subtraction methods to those data.

It is written in IDL by members of the GPI instrument collaboration. Source code is available for users who have copies of IDL, and a compiled version is available for all others.

Users of the GPI data pipeline should please cite one of the following papers:

Perrin, Maire, Ingraham,  et al. “Gemini Planet Imager Observational Calibrations I: Overview of the GPI Data Reduction Pipeline”  Proc. SPIE, 2014, 9147

Maire, Perrin, Doyon, et al. “Test Results for the Gemini Planet Imager Data Pipeline”, Proc. SPIE, 2012, 8451

Maire, Perrin, Doyon, et al. “Data Reduction Pipeline for the Gemini Planet Imager”, Proc SPIE, 2010, 7735


GPI Data pipeline version 1.4.0 (released 2016 July 15). ZIP files: