Press-releases published on January 7th 2014

  • Gemini Observatory

Gemini Planet Imager First Light!

  • LLNL

Out of this world first light images emerge from Gemini Planet Imager


STScI Astronomers Help Develop and Operate World’s Most Powerful Planet Finder

  • SETI Institute

World’s Most Powerful Planet Finder Turns its Eye to the Sky

  • University of Montreal (in French)

L’imageur d’exoplanètes le plus puissant au monde entame sa mission

  • AMNH

Museum-Built Device Helping Astronomers Search for Exoplanets

  • ASU

ASU professor, students part of Gemini Planet Imager team

  • Gemini Obs-SETI (in Spanish)

El Espectrógrafo y Captador de Imágenes más poderoso del Mundo mira al cielo: la Primera Luz del Captador de Imágenes de Planetas de Gemini

  • UCSC

World’s most powerful exoplanet camera looks skyward

  • JPL

Powerful Planet Finder Turns Its Eye to the Sky