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Why are we looking for life beyond Earth and how will we find it? Hear from astrobiologist K. Lynch, SETI researcher S. Sheikh, artist-in-residence B. Nelson, and planetary astronomer F. Marchis on possible answers. Vote for our SXSW Panel from Aug. 9-21! PlanetImager photo
The dawn of a new era in astronomy has begun as the world gets its first look at the full capabilities of the NASA/ESA/CSA #JWST. The telescope’s first full-colour images and spectroscopic data were released today and they are spectacular.
Beautiful observations with ALMA of a planetary cocoon around the planet PDS 70c where baby moons might be forming. It’s remarkable what can be seen with this facility on the top of the world. Congrats' to the team PlanetImager photo
What if there were a museum that contained every type of life form in the Universe? This @musicalscience video describes this fantastic place and gives us the opportunity to dream about them by mixing art and science. Enjoy this beautiful video! #SETI